Causes of Anxiety

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What causes anxiety disorders? 

Multiple factors play a role in the development of anxiety disorders.  As in other disorders, genetic factors seem to play a role, particularly when it comes to individual characteristics, such as temperament or how a person reacts to a situation, and neurobiological determinants or how the brain and body react to stress.  In addition, children with anxiety disorders tend to pay special attention to anything that could potentially be threatening and they are more likely to interpret vague situations as dangerous.  Therefore, they perceive having less control over their environment and have a harder time adapting.  Such children may also believe that they lack control in their own emotional responses, and  therefore they may have difficulty in soothing themselves.  Environmental factors, such as caregiver attention, can also influence the emotional development of children.  For example, when a caregiver is not responsive to the child’s needs or cries, that child may develop the perception of being helpless and become more prone to anxiety.
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